Peace of Mind

After dealing with a number of Stock Brokers and Financial Planners over the years, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of Stav’s knowledge and professionalism when I set up my account with Stav’s firm.

When I first moved some of my stock holding over to PI Financial under Stav’s care, a dormant stock holding I had, that had been trading at around 15 cents for the past 2 years suddenly started trading at 25 to 30 cents. Excited by news of the increase I called Stav immediately explaining that my previous broker was telling all her clients to sell and I think we should as well. Stav calmed me down, analyzed the situation and explained there was still upward pressure on the stock price and it would be prudent to hold off for a short period before selling. Sure enough, the stock continued to increase in price over the next few days. We conservatively sold blocks of the shares as the price continued to increase, selling the majority of the shares at 48 cents (instead of the 25 to 30 cents my previous broker was recommending). We sold out my stock position for approximately $21,000 instead of $13,000 making an additional $8,000 in profit. Although a relatively small trade, Stav gave it the attention you would expect for a much larger portfolio… a true professional for which I am grateful.

To get us on track with our financial planning, Stav recently had my wife and I gather together all our financial information to do what he refers to as a “Zone Analysis”, to determine what our financial situation will be at retirement. Although I work in a profession where I deal numbers, I’ve never sat down and gone into detail on what my situation will look like at retirement. As with most people I’ve been going about my life, kind of with my fingers crossed, hoping things will turn out alright and I won’t have to work myself into the grave.

After reviewing our current investments, future savings, possible pension income, market, inflation and time risk, etc, Stav informed me that by following a moderate savings plan, my wife and I will be able to retire in the “Green Zone” as early as 61years of age. The green zone means we will have enough income to last us until age 95 should we be fortunate to live that long. I have always had a little voice in the back of my head nagging at me, worrying me about the retirement question, “will I be able to retire?”. Going through Stav’s Zone Analysis has given me incredible peace of mind; knowing that retirement is a real possibility has taken a heavy load off my shoulders.

Stav’s analysis has shown me I can retire in as little as 12 years, that’s like starting grade school again and I’m going to graduate in 12 years into a life of financial freedom, wow what a feeling!

Thank you Stav for you sound advice, knowledge and professionalism… thank you for the Peace of Mind!!!


Brad Tower
Mortgage Expert at Dominion Lending Centre Financial Ltd.

Helping Us Make Decisions

Stav worked with my husband and I to review our entire financial portfolio as we are approaching our retirement years.  His attention to detail, patience and expertise were a great help to us.  The software program he uses made it possible for us to thoroughly consider all aspects of our anticipated lifestyle and possible future realities.  The document he provided for us is extremely valuable in helping us make decisions right now that will have an impact on us in the future.

We didn't feel any pressure from Stav to make th changes he recommended and appreciated that very much.  However, we took his suggestions seriously because of his professional approach to our situation.

We highly recommend Stav's expertise for anyone who wants to ensure they have made the best financial plans they can for their future.



Lillian Whitmore

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