Strateflex Portfolios

Strateflex Portfolios


The Strateflex Portfolios is a group of four separately managed portfolios that uses exchange traded funds (ETFs) and/or mutual funds. Each portfolio seeks to provide a single equity portfolio solution that produces attractive risk-adjusted growth.

PASSIVE AND ACTIVE STRATEGIES - Depending on your individual needs and preferences, you can select from a passive method (strategic asset allocation) that uses mutual funds; an active method (tactical asset allocation) that uses ETFs, or from two portfolios that combine the passive and active methods into a single portfolio solution.



Using performance-based criteria I sort, scan, and narrow over 25,000 mutual funds on a monthly basis to a highly qualified and diversified Focus List Of Top Funds.  Using Fingerprint Analysis I actively monitor and manage my Focused List to insure that each fund continues to qualify as a top pick for selection in the Strateflex Portfolios.



The Strateflex Portfolios also includes an active strategy that seeks to identify and invest in market trends using equity ETFs.  

The active strategy uses a core / satellite model. The core position is an ETF that represents one of the three developed markets while the satellite positions are composed of two ETFs representing regional, sector, or commodity markets.

The ETFs from which the core position is selected are:

 IShares TSX60 (XIU)
 IShares S&P500 (XUS/XSP)
 IShares EAFE (XEF/XIN)

The core position is evaluated on a weekly basis and seeks to identify the ETF with attractive performance leadership on a trailing three-month basis.  The core position represents approximately 70% of the equity allocation.

There are approximately 30 ETFs from which the two satellite positions are selected. The satellite positions are evaluated on a weekly basis and seek to identify the two ETFs with the most attractive performance leadership on a trailing two-month basis.  The two satellite positions each represents approximately 15% of the equity allocation.



To help you see the true performance of your investments I use a proprietary software tool for an advanced analysis technique called Fingerprint Analysis.  A fingerprint diagram is a simple to understand performance map that is used to analyze an investment manager’s performance. It is very useful as a management tool for early detection of changes in performance and as a comparative tool in selecting the best managers.






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