Stav Adler

Financial Sustainability of Retirement

For the January 2014 issue of the Canadian MoneySaver Magazine I wrote an article called, "Financial Sustainability Of Retirement:  Three Key Risks and How To Be Prepared".  

Financial Calculations for Retirement and Investment Risks

Whether you are retired or within 10 years of retirement having a clear understanding of your financial outlook for retirement may be more complicated that in looks.  Now, you may be thinking to yourself that things worked out fine for my parents so in the end everything will be fine.....but are circumstances truly the same?

Understanding Your Retirement Shortfall

With the oldest baby-boomers now reaching the age of 66 years the need to understand the financial realities related to retirement is becoming more relevant with every passing year.  Knowing how much is enough for life-long income may well be the most important life calculation for today’s baby boomers and seniors.  Do you have a clear understanding of your retirement readiness?

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